Holyrood Episcopal Church ~ Iglesia Santa Cruz

The Episcopal Church in Washington Heights, New York City.

This Sunday/ Este Domingo and Holy Week/Semana Santa



HOLY WEEK 2014                                                 SEMANA SANTA 2014

Palm Sunday                                                           Domingo de Ramos

11 am Mass in English                                            11 am Misa en ingles

12 noon STreet Procession                                  12pm Procesion en la calle

12:20 Mass in Spanish                                           12:20 pm Misa en espanol


Maundy Thursday,  April 17                                Jueves Santo

6:30 pm Dinner in Parish Hall with                   6:30 pm  Misa en Salon Parroquial con Vigilia

mass in church. Vigil following


Good Friday, April 18                                            Viernes Santo

12 noon Liturgy followed by                               12:00pm Liturgia

Meditations                                                                   con meditaciones

6pm Stations of Cross                                             6pm Via Crucis en ingles

7pm Stations in the Street                                    7pm Via Crucis en la calle


Holy Saturday, April 19                                      Sabado de Gloria

7pm Lighting of Fire, Baptism, Mass                  7pm Fuego Nuevo, bautismos , misa


Easter, April 20                                                    Domingo de Pascua, 20 de abril

11 am Mass in ENglish                                            11am Misa en ingles

12pm Mass in Spanish                                             12pm Misa en espanol



Each week we introduce a new member of the congregation. On February 9th, we ingtroduced Miguel Armansa. On Feb 16, we  introduced Dayara.


Each Sunday, we present a new member to the congregation as a part of our Faces and Names Program. Feb 2 is Kelly Presinal: